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Requirements to marry a American girl for immigration


To obtain American immigration (American citizenship), through marriage to America or marriage to an American girl, you must be permanently resident in America. The necessity of obtaining immigration and then permanently residing in the United States of America, and after being able to obtain citizenship three years from living in America.

The mission of marrying an American girl or marrying in America begins, and before applying for immigration and obtaining American citizenship, you must obtain a green card (which allows its holder to travel to the United States of America and work in any field inside it until the time of obtaining citizenship) and maintain it for a period of three years During the stay, which is considered the second degree of this ladder, according to the Citizenship Law in the United States of America.

After completing the marriage process in America from a citizenship with American citizenship, you can obtain a green card that qualifies you to practice work in America according to the Green Card or the green card you carry in any state of America.After marriage, it is possible to live and live permanently with the American wife / husband and enjoy all the advantages of life in America.
Some of the advantages offered by marrying an American girl or marrying America
Marriage to an American or an American has many advantages that accrue to the person for the benefit and stability of the country, as marriage to an American girl or lady, or marriage to an American person may give you many advantages in America, because the advantages of marrying an American or an American are different from those of Marriage in many countries in the world .. One of the best of these benefits is obtaining American citizenship, meaning that the person will become an American citizen 
who holds American citizenship and owns the American passport.

after fulfillment of other citizenship conditions of America, you can apply for a USA passport.

⦁ That you reach the legal age of 18 years and above while applying for American citizenship.
⦁ That you and the other partner reside in one place during the previous three-year period before applying for naturalization of America.
⦁ Staying in America for one and a half years from the last three years in America.
⦁ While applying for naturalization, the other partner must still have his US citizenship.