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Requirements to marry a Australia girl for immigration


Many young people have the ambition and desire to travel and immigrate to Australia, it is known that marriage with an Australian girl is the fastest way to obtain papers in Australia, so this method is the most prevalent among immigrants to Australia, and in this article we put in your hands the most important points that you have She followed to marry an Australian girl.

After obtaining the partner from within Australia, it is necessary to fulfill some of the required conditions besides the main condition, which is the partner:

⦁ The relationship must be of their own free will.

⦁ The duration of the relationship between you reaches the limits of a full year or more.

⦁ To stay together in a portion of this period in one house.

⦁ To have evidence indicating that you lived together in one house, such as witnesses, water and electricity bills, or a joint bank balance between the two of you.

⦁ Passing your personality test and proving that you do not pose any danger to Australia.

⦁ Pass your Police Check.

⦁ Provide medical evidence that you are free from infectious diseases.

⦁ Provide the passport, ID card, photos and all known administrative documents in addition to the increase contracts.

⦁ Submit the criminal record and it should be free from any precedents.

⦁ Pay the visa fee ($ 6,865).

Marriage partner visa is among the legal ways in which immigration to Australia can be obtained, which is a temporary residence visa for a foreign partner who has an emotional relationship such as marriage or marriage with an Australian person or has permanent Australian residency or he is a New Zealander. They can get immigration to Australia by joining their spouses and living with them for up to two years.