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Requirements to marry a Canadian girl for immigration


Marriage to a Canadian girl is considered one of the easiest and fastest ways to obtain the required documents to emigrate to Canada and then obtain residency within Canadian lands and then obtain Canadian citizenship after a period of residence within it has passed.

A person residing outside the country of Canada when he marries a Canadian girl, this is something very normal for Canadian law, which does not reject this matter.

This method does not require experience or certificates. All you need is to get to know a Canadian girl and then it is permissible. Once the marriage is complete, you can directly start the procedures for requesting a family gathering from the Canadian embassy in your country. When agreeing with the Canadian partner on the idea of ​​marriage, then it is possible to start the family gathering procedures after.

Ways to document a marriage contract:

First way: If the girl comes to visit you in your country where the marriage contract is concluded and after that you must submit the marriage contract concluded between you and the Canadian girl to the Canadian in your country to obtain the Canadian visa after handing the marriage contract to the embassy.

second way: is to obtain a visit visa to Canada and conclude the marriage contract in Canada, and then after that you make a request to extend the visa and convert it to a full residence after the Canadian authorities authorized the marriage contract concluded by the Canadian authorities to extend the period of your stay in Canada according to the family gathering in Canada.

The Canadian authorities consider this request within a period ranging between 6 months to a year at the latest, and during this period the Canadian Ministry of Immigration makes sure of the validity and seriousness of the marriage, where the marriage is required to be natural and the purpose of the marriage in itself is for family reunification and family formation and not interest and desire to obtain residency and nationality.