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How do you get Russian residency through marriage ?!

 Russia is one of the most developed countries, and it is also one of the countries in which it is easy for you to obtain residency, whether temporary or permanent, and this is due to the small number of people in it, as Russia is considered one of the countries that attract people and it facilitates immigration procedures to it very greatly due to its need for manpower In the following lines, we will explain to you how to obtain a permanent or temporary residence card in Russia by marrying a Russian, because it is considered the shortest and easiest way ever.

Marrying a Russian wife or wife is considered much easier than getting married in your country, as in Russia the complexity and routine is much less than in any Arab country. If you intend to marry a Russian (e) nationality, you must obtain two important documents that you do not travel without them to Russia for the purpose of marriage and Then get temporary residence later

Conditions for marriage to a Russian girl 1- A celibacy or non-marriage certificate and it is taken from the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security, People, or the Family Department according to the Arab country from which you are from. In Russia, where unifying the two spouses is prohibited, of course, this certificate must be documented and legalized in the relevant ministry and then in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.

2- A certificate of non-criminal precedent, called under different names according to the country, where it is called in Egypt, a fish, an analogy, and others, and it is taken from the Ministry of the Interior and does not need approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as it is addressed to your country's consulate in Moscow.