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Marry an American woman and get a green card


To obtain naturalization in America (American citizenship), through marriage to America or marriage to an American girl, you must be a permanent resident of America. The need for you to obtain permanent residency in the United States of America, after being able to obtain citizenship for three years.

And with fulfilling the other conditions of American citizenship, you can apply for a United States of America passport.

* You must reach the legal age of 18 years and over while you apply for naturalization in America.

* That you and the other partner resided in one place during the three-year period prior to submitting the application for American naturalization.

* Residency in America for a year and a half of the last three years in America.

* While applying for naturalization, the other partner must still hold his US citizenship.

* Not to leave the American soil during the procedures for obtaining citizenship until its expiry.

* Possessing knowledge of American history, as well as familiarizing himself with its law.

* Free from any criminal record and criminal record during your stay in the United States of America.

* Fluency in the English language and its proficiency in writing, reading, listening and speaking.

The advantages offered by marrying an American girl or marrying in America:

Among the advantages offered to a person married to America:

* Obtaining a travel visa for family gathering.

* Travel freely to and from America.

* Free access to health insurance in the United States of America.

* Take advantage of social security benefits within the United States of America.