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Marry a Canadian woman and obtain residency


That the husband who is related to the person from outside Canada, and who wants to marry a Canadian girl, must submit an official request concerning immigration to Canada for married people, and then obtain the residency, which is permanent in Canada, with the help of the Canadian girl, as the Canadian wife concerned with this aspect of the process, Where the Canadian authorities respond to the application for obtaining a marriage visa in Canada, and then residency during a period that may range from six months to a year at the latest, as this period, the Canadian Ministry of Immigration confirms the reliability of the marriage and its seriousness in marrying a Canadian woman, as it is required to In this case, the marriage is natural, and the purpose of the marriage itself is marriage for the sake of family gathering.

And the formation of a stable family and not for the sake of its own affairs ends marriage, as well as marriage for the desire to obtain residency and citizenship in the state of Canada, to indicate that I obtain residency in the State of Canada, by marrying a Canadian, needs only to search for dating sites in Canada, in order to Finding a suitable Canadian life partner, through dating sites in Canada, that allow this possibility without the need for higher degrees or very much work experience.

Marry a Canadian woman and obtain citizenship

In order for a person to obtain Canadian citizenship, he must have obtained residency, which must be permanent in the state of Canada, without it he cannot apply for Canadian citizenship, even if all other conditions are met, through which he can obtain Canadian citizenship, where In Canada they are called PR Cards; They are documents that confirm that the immigrant resides legally on Canadian soil.