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Obtaining French citizenship by marriage


“France” is the land of dreams that many of our Arab people seek to immigrate to. According to a set of statistics provided by many competent authorities, France is the third destination that immigrants go to after the United States and Canada. This is due to the fact that France has a large proportion of Arabs Which makes you not feel alienated, in addition to the availability of job opportunities in France along with the high standard of living.

Conditions for obtaining citizenship for a married person

A married person can obtain French citizenship if his wife holds French citizenship and this is by submitting the first application in order to obtain French citizenship, but with certain conditions represented in:

1 - That the husband or wife who is pregnant or has the French nationality adheres to his French nationality and has not submitted any request to renounce the French nationality in order to obtain another nationality.

2 - That two years or more have passed since the date of marriage, and of course the spouses must still be together in his marital relationship, meaning that they have not separated.

3 - If the married person is not French and circumstances compel him to leave French territory before the completion of a year of his arrival in France, then in this case he must wait until he completes his third year in his marriage to obtain French citizenship.