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Residency in France by marriage


Many young people are looking to try to travel outside their countries in order to improve the standard of living and elevate it, so France has become the focus of attention of many of these young people, and this may be due to the French citizen's enjoyment of a high standard of living.

In terms of global statistics, France ranked third in the influx of immigrants to it, as the number of Arab immigrants has reached millions, which makes the immigrant citizen not feel alienated, as he enjoys many medical, health and social care.

Conditions that must be met to obtain residency in France through marriage

The citizen must have a medical reputation and a good conduct

Must be over 18 years old

He must adhere to his nationality and does not wish to give it up to obtain another nationality

That the marriage is real for the purpose of reunification and the formation of a family life, and that at least two years have passed since the date of the marriage contract

In the event that a person was forced by circumstances to travel outside France before completing his first year there, he must wait until he completes his third year in marriage and is able to obtain citizenship

He should not have been subjected to any penalty expelling him